Full Mouth Implants

The All on 4 concept – Replacing ALL your teeth in 15 days!! The All on 4 concepts of replacing
all missing teeth in a person’s jaw uses four dental implants (two straight and two angulated)
to serve as anchors and provide a strong foundation for the artificial teeth. This is a permanent
treatment and teeth can be given immediately after placing the implants without the
requirement for waiting for a long healing period. These immediate teeth are usually hybrid
acrylic which can be used for up to 2-5 years depending on food habits. Later, the teeth alone
can be changed to ceramic teeth without disturbing the implants.

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Few people like going to the dentist; for the fear of the drill, the perceived high cost of dental treatment or simply because dental problems are not life-threatening. The Indian dental care market is a fragmented one comprising primarily of proprietary practices that do not focus on customer experience and is inconsistent with compromised standards of treatment expertise.

With a vision of incorporating the best dental services with qualified, experienced professionals and focus on customer experience and life cycle, Dr. Smilez Dental Center was incepted. The goal is not only to provide immediate treatment care but also create awareness for preventive and corrective procedures.

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Dr Smilez provides the various services related to dental services, Few of them are giving bellow. which makes Dr Smilez as a best dental clinic in Chennai.

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